Email Signup


CellPhoneMeals on Wheels recently implemented a brand new email management system.  This system – Get Response – will enable us to communicate more effectively with you, giving you the information you are most interested in.  

When you sign up for Meals on Wheels’ emails, you self-select categories, including: employee, volunteer, board member, client, caregiver, community member and/or donor.  This helps us segment the information we send you throughout the year to provide you the most valuable content without overwhelming your inbox.  Our new emails are more attractive and easy-to-read and we will generally send just a couple of emails each month. 

How to make sure you stay connected:

Please fill out the brief form to sign up for our new email list.  

If you change your mind later, you can easily opt-out directly from any email that we send. 

We hope you will subscribe to our email list. Thank you for your support and interest in Meals on Wheels!