Board of Directors



Leadership goes beyond the day-to-day decisions made at Meals on Wheels, and we value the caring contributions of our governing boards. Our Agency Board devotes countless hours to making Meals on Wheels the best organization possible to feed those who cannot feed themselves, and our Foundation Board helps find the sources of funding we desperately need.

Meals on Wheels for WNY, Inc.


Richard A. Grimm, III, Esq., Chairman

Richard A. Grimm, III, Esq., chairs the Agency Board of Directors, which is responsible for the ongoing operations, strategy and efficiency of Meals on Wheels. Richard A. Grimm, III is a partner at the Buffalo, New York law firm of Magavern Magavern Grimm LLP. Mr. Grimm practices in all areas of civil litigation. He brings a wealth of legal expertise to the board and understands the complexities of the business world and the not-for-profit sector.

Meals on Wheels Foundation of WNY, Inc.


David A. Smith, Chairman

David A. Smith chairs the Foundation Board of Directors, which is responsible for fundraising and management of Meals on Wheels’ debt and assets. David, now retired, has extensive expertise in management, government and engineering, and has worked for Amherst and Erie County as well as in private industry.

Board Members

Matt McAfee, Vice Chairman
Cliff Nelson, Treasurer
Maria T. Scarozza, CPA, Assistant Treasurer
Kathy Pilarski, BPS, DTR, FSD, Secretary
Vito Buscemi
LaTonya Diggs
Tara A. Ellis
Joshua Krebs
Todd Pohlman
Christine Procknal
David A. Smith
Jeffrey Stevens
Lamont Williams

Board Members

Joyce Persch-Dolce, Vice Chair
Edwin Negron, Interim Treasurer
Frederick D. Turner, Esq., Secretary
Jeffrey Bean
Lisa Davin
Lynne Dixon
Dominic Eusanio
Richard A. Grimm, III, Esq.
Charles Hardy
Michele Mehaffy
Jennifer Nassivera
Christine Procknal
Robert Rumpl
Jeffrey Russo 
W. Clark Trow, Esq.


R. Maura Cohen
Theodore C. Prentice, M.D.
M. Virginia Procter
Roger K. Strother
Charles E. Telford, Esq.



Our History

From 25 clients per day on the West Side of Buffalo to the second largest Meals on Wheels in the nation. Explore how the agency has grown to meet community need.

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Management and Boards

It takes a lot of effort and expertise to produce and deliver more than a million meals each year. Find out how Meals on Wheels manages the effort with a lean staff and an extensive corps of volunteers.

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State-of-the-Art Commissary

The Meals on Wheels commissary enables safe, efficient large scale production of meals, making it possible to serve traditional clients and to ramp up production for the entire community in the event of an emergency.

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Our Community Center

Meals on Wheels rents out a 2,400 square-foot hall for business meetings, showers, trainings and parties at conservative rates to organizations and individuals.

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