Since its founding in 1969, the Meals on Wheels for WNY mission has been focused on the most basic, most critical of home needs. Meals on Wheels staff and volunteers are committed to enriching lives and promoting independent healthy living by offering nutritious food and a friendly visit. Our vision is to ensure that every member of our community will receive a meal that meets their nutritional needs. 

But, as many will tell you, there is much more to Meals on Wheels than healthy food. Meals on Wheels volunteers, who visit with homebound seniors and disabled individuals each day, serve as a critical link between clients and their families, loved ones and neighbors. All volunteers are trained to watch out for troubling developments in each home—a recipient who seems out of sorts or ill, an unsafe condition in the house (such as debris or temperature issues), etc.—and follow specific instructions for reporting such incidents. This safety check provides peace of mind to clients and caregivers alike.

Perhaps even more critical than the nutritious food and safety check is the sense of caring and companionship that volunteers bring to clients’ lives. For many of the homebound clients Meals on Wheels serves, human contact, conversations and laughs may be all too infrequent. In fact, some clients do not interact with anyone other than their volunteers all week, month or even year. The importance of the daily visit is, quite simply, immeasurable.

Meals on Wheels for WNY Annual Report 2018

Meals on Wheels for WNY 990 (Agency, 2018)

Meals on Wheels Foundation of WNY (Foundation, 2018)



Our History

From 25 clients per day on the West Side of Buffalo to the second largest Meals on Wheels in the nation. Explore how the agency has grown to meet community need.

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Management and Boards

It takes a lot of effort and expertise to produce and deliver more than a million meals each year. Find out how Meals on Wheels manages the effort with a lean staff and an extensive corps of volunteers.

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State-of-the-Art Commissary

The Meals on Wheels commissary enables safe, efficient large scale production of meals, making it possible to serve traditional clients and to ramp up production for the entire community in the event of an emergency.

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Our Community Center

Meals on Wheels rents out a 2,400 square-foot hall for business meetings, showers, trainings and parties at conservative rates to organizations and individuals.

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