Bishop Malone Delivers Meals, Hope to Homebound

Throughout the year, Meals on Wheels for Western New York is committed to providing nutritious food and a friendly visit to homebound clients around the region. In addition to helping meet these critical basic needs for their clients, the staff and volunteers at Meals on Wheels find ways to make birthdays and holidays a little more special for clients by sharing cakes, cards and other surprises throughout the year.

During the Christmas season, a tradition has developed in which Bishop Richard Malone and Father Ryszard Biernat join Meals on Wheels to visit numerous clients during meal delivery. For the fifth year, the pair were eagerly received by clients who wanted to share a prayer at Christmas-time.

Thank you to Bishop Malone and Father Ryszard for coming out to deliver meals once again today.  You delivered so much more than meals, including hope, comfort and smiles!