Defend The Charitable Tax Deduction

The charitable tax deduction is at risk for 28 million individuals given the current tax reform proposals.  It is estimated that some provisions in the current proposal could result in $13.1 billion less in giving each year.

When you think of the tremendous work done by not-for-profit organizations – locally and around the nation – this is shocking. While people give for many different reasons and the vast majority of people would want to give no matter the potential tax benefit, the reality is that this would have an impact on many low-income and middle-income donors in terms of their ability to still support the charities that are important to them.

To raise your voice against these proposed cuts (and in favor of Representative Walker’s Bill – HR 3988 – “the Universal Charitable Giving Act”) – please visit the United Way’s “Fight for Charities” page.

Fill out your name, address and email and click the “Take Action” button.  On the next page, you can edit the pre-filled subject line and email copy before you click “Submit Message.”

Thank you for your support and help in ensuring that people can continue to receive their charitable deduction.