IfThen – Giving When it Matters Most

dsc_0275-smallMeals on Wheels for WNY is participating in an innovative fundraising pilot with local company IfThen. The IfThen website will give donors a variety of options to customize their giving experience and really to enable “giving when it matters most.”

Circumstance-based giving is very important to many donors, including those in the younger generations, and IfThen has developed a platform to make giving both easy and automatic.

Beginning today, you can visit the Meals on Wheels IfThen webpage at https://www.ifthen.org/orgs/meals-on-wheels-wny

For the pilot, our trigger is the acceptance of 100 new clients on service. A donor simply selects that trigger, notes how much they would like to donate per instance and puts in a maximum donation amount per year. Then, every time Meals on Wheels adds 100 new clients on service, a donation is made.

This should be an innovative new way to attract mission-oriented donors and to get additional support when we need it most (as we grow).

You can check out our IfThen page at https://www.ifthen.org/orgs/meals-on-wheels-wny

Please consider making a recurring donation to support our most vulnerable neighbors.