Happy Retirement, Margie Tyrrell

nutrition-pastpresentAfter more than 36 years, Meals on Wheels for WNY’s first Registered Dietitian Margie Tyrrell is officially retired!

Margie enjoyed a wonderful party last night with her family, MOW staff, former colleagues and community partners. The event included dinner, a photo / prop booth, speeches and skits from staff, and even a surprise rollicking “last will” in which Margie gave her colleagues and friends mementos – from flowers and books to a T-Rex dinosaur and more.

Margie’s career at Meals on Wheels was significant. She served as the head of the nutrition department for a number of years before taking a role on the team to ensure that nearly 6,000 healthy meals reach those in need each day via our home-delivery and congregate programs.

During her tenure, Margie implemented several crucial special projects, including a breakfast grocery bag initiative, emergency food delivery program, and nutritional supplement program. She has also served as the primary preceptor for the University at Buffalo dietetic internship program at Meals on Wheels for WNY since 2000.

Margie was recently honored by the NYS Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (NYSAND) with the Isabelle Hallahan Award of Excellence in honor of her focus on excellence and quality in a food service management or administration capacity.

Thank you, Margie, for your many years of service. Enjoy a wonderful retirement!