Nicole Goben, MS, RD, CDN

As an added benefit to the nutrition and daily check-in that Meals on Wheels for WNY provides, our clients also have access to registered dietitians. As clients age, they may have new or existing nutrition problems that require management. Often they aren’t able to access a nutrition professional within their healthcare network, which is where we can help.

What is a registered dietitian? 

A registered dietitian is a trained nutrition professional who has met a set of educational standards. Registered dietitians have completed a four-year degree and a supervised practice program (such as an internship). After all of this is completed, they have to pass a test in order to become registered.

What do registered dietitians do at Meals on Wheels for WNY? 

At Meals on Wheels for WNY there are six registered dietitians on staff. They do many tasks to make sure that our clients are getting healthy and safe food, as well as accurate and helpful nutrition education. Here are some of the things our registered dietitians do:

  • Client Home Visits – They see every client that is on the regular funded meal program at least once a year, or more often if the dietitian finds any nutritional issues. .
  • Nutrition Education – The registered dietitians provide monthly nutrition articles (on our menus). Additionally, they educate clients on a more personal level during home visits and answer specific questions as needed.
  • Menu Planning – They plan the menus so that each client is receiving 2/3 of their daily nutrition needs with both the hot and cold meal from Meals on Wheels. In addition they plan meals for clients with special diet needs, such as diabetes and kidney disease.
  • Food Safety – They ensure that clients receive food that is safe to eat. The registered dietitians monitor for safe food preparation in the commissary and make sure food is at the right temperatures as it is sent out to clients.

The registered dietitians at Meals on Wheels  strive to provide meals and education to meet the nutrition needs of our seniors. We hope this can help maintain a healthy and happy quality of life for years to come!

If you are a caregiver or client, please feel free to contact the Nutrition department at 822-2002 with any questions or concerns.