November is National Caregivers Month – a time to tell loved ones how much we appreciate what they do to take care of us, or another member of the family.

Caregiving is a rewarding and meaningful part of life, but can create its own challenges in terms of understanding issues, finding time and preventing burnout.

Earlier this month, Meals on Wheels for WNY took part in a regional workshop put on by the Erie County Coalition of Caregivers, sharing information about our services and how they provide proper nutition to those in need, while giving daily peace of mind to caregivers that their loved one is being checked on.

A variety of resources exist to help caregivers tackle the unique challenges that may come with assisting an ailing loved one.

You can find local resources, including a list of area services and providers, here:…

And, you can find national resources, articles and tips, here:

If you have a caregiver in your family, make sure to thank him or her for all they do!  And, if you are a caregiver, take a look at these resources to see how you can maintain your own health and balance while giving back to your family.