Are you prepared for the winter heating season?

Heating Safety & Efficiency: 
Have your heating system inspected by a qualified contractor every year before the heating season begins.  The contractor should provide the following services:
* Check the heat exchangers for cracks, rust and corrosion
* Clean and check the flue and vent pipes for any obstructions, corrosion or pipe separations
* Check your heating system, or have it tested, for proper ventilation
* Clean or replace all furnace filters
* Check, clean and lubricate blower operation
* Check and adjust any pilots and burners
* Check that your gas appliances produce a sharp blue flame
* Check all electrical connections and controls

Always keep flammable materials outdoors, in approved containers and away from your furnace, water heater and all other natural gas appliances.

Detecting a gas odor: 
Natural gas is colorless and odorless.  National Fuel adds an odorant that produces a distinctive “gas smell” so that leaks are easier to detect.  If you smell a gas odor:

– Open windows and doors to ventilate
– Leave the premises
– Call National Fuel’s emergency line, 1-800-444-3130, from a different location

– Switch lights on or off
– Light any matches

For gas emergencies, call 1-800-444-3130, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week