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Every weekday, approximately 5,000 meals are created in the Meals on Wheels commissary.  Every weekday, our volunteers encounter reason after reason why their meal deliveries are necessary to give hope to Meals on Wheels clients.  Every weekday, no one is turned away because they cannot pay.

And every year, aging volunteers step away because they themselves are no longer able to stay active.

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Check back as we add more of our 100 Reasons! Use the comment form below to share YOUR reason to support Meals on Wheels!

1. Our clients.

2. Providing access to good, nutritious food for the homebound.

3. "My clients saved my life because volunteering gave me something to get out of bed for each day."

4. Without fail... loving volunteers.

5. From a client: "Without Meals on Wheels, life would be meaningless."

6. Volunteers bring laughter and love into lonely lives.

7. 900,000 times a senior didn't go hungry last year.

8. Without your private donations, many clients would be hungry and alone.

9. "Before Meals on Wheels, my husband and I survived on tea and toast."

10. Clients embrace volunteers as friends and family.

11. Daily check-ins provide tremendous peace of mind for caregivers.

12. Volunteers are our clients' safety nets.

13. We provide “AniMeals” for furry companions!

14. Share an hour. Save a life.

15. I am not alone.

16.  Over 1,000,000 meals made and delivered annually with a lean staff and an extensive corps of volunteers.

17. Many of our clients have served our country with honor in the armed forces.

18. Volunteers agree: 'tis better to give.

19. True lifegiving!

20. "My lifeline. I rely on her."

21. Because we're proud to say... this is home.

22. Short-term meal solutions for surgery, chemotherapy and family respite care.

23. Volunteers begin as strangers and live on as friends.

24. Help them survive the winter.

25. Adopt-A-Route helps busy employees volunteer and their companies give back.

26. "You saved my father's life."

27. Live your reason.

28. Working with doctors for special diets.

29. $2,800 a year keeps many clients fed at home versus $100,000+ for assisted living

30. Life is richer when a friend visits.

31. The city needs more good neighbors.

32. 65% are disabled, unable to cook.

33. Who feeds them in an emergency? We do.

34. Registered dietitians do menu planning and home visits.

35. We need 475 more volunteers in 2016.

36. Varied, tasty menu of meals.

37. "I can't cook for myself because of my disability."

38. Volunteers lift spirits.

39. "My father would be deceased. You've helped extend his life!"

40. 250,000 more meals for mobile seniors.

41. From a volunteer: "One day, I arrived at a client's home and she was lying on the floor unable to get up. I stayed with her until the ambulance arrived."

42. Almost all clients suffer an illness.

43. Deliveries from 25 home-delivered meal sites throughout Erie County

44. Meet Judy, learn her volunteer story!

45. "The volunteer at my door is the best part of my day."

46. "My mother has dementia. With MOW, we don't have to worry about her cooking or forgetting to eat altogether."

47. Volunteers may be the only daily contact many clients receive

48. "It's no longer safe for me to cook."


50. Hope grows as meals always come.

51. Meet our CEO, share her story.

52. Learn the story of donors Beth and Ted.

53. Emergency food for all of Erie County.

54. Our volunteers save lives.

55. Volunteers can choose how often, where and when they serve.

56. Your gift gives life.

57. People who once cooked for an entire family are now unable to cook for themselves.

58. Don't let homebound be invisible; see the need - feed the need!

59. "Delicious daily meals keep me healthy."

60. We work with physicians to provide the best diets for our clients.

61.  Give them an hour, they get years at home.

62. Customized volunteer experiences; many locations to choose from!

63. "They're each my friends and they've added tremendous depth and richness to my life."

64. Because we all hunger for independence.

65. "She's my friend and I'm always so happy when she comes to visit."

66. "I can't stand and move the way I used to. The food is a necessary blessing."

67. Sharing laughter, sharing love.

68. "Little did I know I'd be delivering to a friend from days gone by."

69. Read Willie Mae's story.

70. Join business and local leaders who support Meals on Wheels.

71. No qualifying individual is ever turned away due to an inability to pay.

72. We serve the country's 9th oldest population.

73. Volunteers = friends, even family!

74. Adopt a route and volunteer together!

75. Reliable. There. Every day.

76. Give the gift of kindness and comfort.

77. "Without Meals on Wheels, my dad would be in a nursing home."

78. Make new friends, one stop at a time!

79. "Without Meals on Wheels, I would be lonely and hungry."

80. Meals on Wheels is a lifeline.

81. Meals on Wheels is a lifesaver.

82. Mobile seniors welcome to eat in 45 locations.

83. 3,600 clients = 3,600 unique stories.

84. Your contribution is a burst of kindness.

85. Because we all want to be good neighbors.

86. They're not volunteering because they're happy - they're happy because they're volunteering.

87. Life is richer when a friend visits.

88. Because homebound shouldn't be hopeless.

89. Because homebound shouldn't be hidden.

90. Soothe someone's hunger with hope.

91. Their stories are secret treasures.

92. "I get by with a little help from my friends."

93. Serving someone YOU know.

94. Our volunteers are the heart of the community.

95. "We live... not merely survive."

96. Food and Friendship delivered with care and compassion.

97. Daily check-ins = peace of mind.

98. They cared for us - it's our turn.

99. 100-year-old Bill, still in his home!

100. 100 year old Dorthea!

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